Hello, ELVIS fans;

I am so thrilled to start up this Elvis Fan Club.  It has been a dream of
mine for years.  

After visiting Graceland for Elvis' birthday in January 2007 I decided to
take action and make my dream a reality.  We have had an Elvis Meet-up
group in Tampa for almost 4 years now, and I had just visited the EPE
Administration offices and met with EPE personnel.  It was a great

We'd love to meet YOU also.   We have a friendship and bond through
Elvis, a living testiment to his legacy.

On a personal note, Elvis came into my life through my mother and her
love for him.  I continued loving Elvis in his music, movies and concerts.  
I started my collection of Elvis memorabilia as a teenager at carnivals by
winning pictures of Elvis from throwing darts.  My collection has
continued ever since and has grown to 3 rooms in my house, and my
van.  In a 1993 article in the Tampa Tribune's BayLife section they wrote
"she has Elvis from floor to ceiling and all around".  I go to Elvis events 2
- 3 times a month.  My favorite Elvis song is "My Way"!

Elvisly yours,
Vickie L. May
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